In the new era of continuous disruption, speed and adaptability will own the future.  Propeller is focused on helping clients nimbly negotiate an increasingly volatile business environment. We know companies win when they act small instead of big and when they reduce the most friction between their customers and what they want. We help businesses solve their toughest challenges faster, simpler, and more nimbly. Propeller makes management consulting simple, understandable, and human.


Why hire Propeller? Let’s face it, there are a lot of professional services firms out there.  We believe that our fresh approach to project execution stands apart and here is why...


We solve business problems and take a consultative approach to every engagement.  For Propeller, we are not simply filling a requisition, but finding a strategic solution that will help you achieve your business objectives.  And if we think you should do something different, we are committed to telling you – even if that means not working with us.

Right SKILLS, right time:  

Whether you are looking for talented people to get a critical project across the finish line or solve a complex problem in a dynamic organization, we work with companies to architect and deliver a customized solution that best meets their needs.

We like smart and capable people. 

We have a defined approach to identifying, utilizing and motivating talent, which means we are very selective in whom we hire and with whom we work.  We don’t throw mud at the wall and see what sticks.  We identify natural leadership with high potential and help you get the most out of them.